Material specifications

Laser Cut Material Specifications

We can cut and engrave on a huge range of materials via our C02 Laser
(If the material you require is not listed please get in touch)

Please note a C02 laser cutter will not cut metal


Acrylic - A widely popular material to be used when laser cutting / engraving. Available in a wide colour range, acrylic is widely applicable and often used for the production of advertisement signs, architectural models, and much more.


Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) - A flexible yet strong plastic often used for components which needs to resist pressure due to its flexible yet not brittle properties 


Polyethylene Terephalal (PETGte Glyco) - An impact resistant clear plastic often used for food packaging as a cheaper alternative to polycarbonate 


Delrin - A strong robust material which holds its shape well, although more expensive than other plastics it is often used in engineering to produce parts 


High Impact Polystyrene Sheet (HIPS) - HIPS is a low cost, tough yet bendable plastic material that is easy to thermoform and fabricate. Mainly available in white it is often applied in the field of model making where structures need shape bending. 


Polycarbonate - A strong polymer sheet that provides extremely high impact resistance making it particularly useful for use in areas where there is a risk of damage. It is often used in model making. 

(The consistency of the grain affects the detail of engraving)

We can engrave to various depths to provide the desired look.


-Shallow depth engraving- A light engrave usually used for text 

-High depth engraving- Creates a layered high contrast finish


Laser plywood - A well used material and for good reason as it can be used to produce virtually anything. Perfectly made for being cut and engraved with a laser, leaving smooth precisely cut edges 


MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) - Very consistent grain leaving a crisp clean cut / engrave. 


Birch plywood - A light coloured wood great for photo engraving. 


Balsa - White to pale white in appearance with a coarse structure and lightweight properties. It is easily cleavable and good for gluing 


Veneers - We have a huge range of veneered materials. Laser cut timber veneers leave a clean crisp cut. Applications of the material often being for furniture, decorative products and more


Finnboard - Made from wood pulp with a low density. Fast to cut leaving a clean yet slightly darkened edge. It is often used for model making and props.


Tyvek High density polyethylene fibre - The material is very strong; it is difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors or a knife. When cut the edge seals preventing it from tearing so easily. It is commonly used to produce envelopes, labels, wristbands as well as many other products 

Cork (resin bonded) - Due to the fact that it has a better consistency and constructed using smaller granules: cuts neatly with a sealed edge and engraves very well leaving a dark burnt effect on the edges. 


fabrics - We can cut a huge range of fabrics and textiles from thin materials such as cotton fleece, canvas, to thicker fabrics such as leather or Kevlar and many more. Most fabrics can be cut cleanly and precisely which is key when working with textiles. 


Card - Available in a wide variety of textures and finishes, with each cutting / engraving differently. A fine level of detail and precise cut can be achieved leaving minimal burn marks. A widely applicable material often used for packaging due to its sturdy properties. 


Paper - A material available in varying thicknesses, densities and textures depending upon which defines how the laser will cut / engrave. Paper can be cut to a fine level of detail 


Cardboard - A strong, light material. Cardboard cuts / engraves well leaving a clean and precisely cut edge allowing intricate detail to be achieved. Often used for packaging due to it's strength to weight ratio.


Acetate - A flexible, inexpensive, translucent, light material which can be cut to great detail. Often it is used in the production of consumer goods, such as clothing. 


Polyurethane foam - An excellent alternative to rubber, plastics and metal. Known for being tough, abrasion resistant, oil and chemical resistant and non marking. Available in a range of hardness to suit all applications.

A very durable material which can outlast rubber by up to eight times. 


Magnet sheet - Usually sold in rolls or sheets. The material is bendable, thin, and magnetic. suitable for all types of printing including digital printing, custom signs and graphic typo graphing 


Laminate - Please get in touch to see if your laminate is laserable 


Laserable Rubber - Only laserable soft density rubbers may be used. Laser rubber is an ideal material to make stamp text plates and achieves a perfect engraving and impression quality. 


Leather - A durable material which can be cut to great detail leaving a sealed edge preventing fraying. Used in many industries from fashion to furniture production