laser engraved display images – Sutton Hoo

laser engraved display images – Sutton Hoo

laser engraved photo
We were approached by a local charity who wanted to have a large engraving of the Sutton Hoo Viking burial helmet which they could use for events and fairs throughout the year. We decided that the best option would be to get the best quality shot of a replica helmet we possibly could.  We called on the expertise of Neil Mason to get the best photograph, in the best lighting, to help us achieve the wonderful results you can see in the photograph of the final piece. You may see many laser engraved photographs on the internet but the technique we have adopted is more of an art than science and it’s for this reason we manage to get a lot more depth, detail and contrast than most. The end result and the tiny detail which we manage to include still amazes’ the clients, as well as us, to this day. The large version was 1200mm x 900mm and is still the biggest engraved photograph we have competed.  The smaller version was roughly 700mm x 400mm.


21 November 2016