Bespoke wedding items package

Bespoke wedding items package

We were asked to produce a range of wooden laser cut and engraved parts for a wedding which included -

Laser cut wooden fronted invites – these were trees cut from wood and the staining was requested to be left on. The printed part was then tied to the rear to finish.

Laser engraved wooden guestbook – This was constructed from laser cut birch and features a velvet material hinge with metal supports strongly holding all together with the velum and cartridge paper inside.

Large wooden tree poster – This was a scaled up version of the invite and was to be used as a post wedding decoration to go on a wall in their new home. It was cut from 6mm laser ply and again it was requested that any staining caused by the vaporised material residue would be left as this was a desirable look for these pieces.

Laser cut and engraved wooden table names – To tie in with the rest of the parts produced these were also cut from 6mm birch ply and were displayed in the middle of each table to differentiate one table from another.



21 November 2016