Logo branded light box display

Logo branded light box display

We were approached about the idea of creating very large 3d letters which would include lighting and could be positioned on a stage for the future events planned by the radical lounge. It became clear that budget constraints would have a large impact on what would, in reality, be achievable and new ideas were required. After some idea development we came up with an outcome which would include lights and the logo as well as the text plus would be simple, not just to transport, but to set up and store too. The large box was to be made up of two parts which could be connected together to make up one large box. This way storage and transportation would be less of an issue.

The box was constructed from 9mm mdf and a clear acrylic sheet which was frosted to obscure the led lighting within and produce an even glow of light. The light box uses L.e.d’s to light it internally and is powered by a 12v battery.


21 November 2016