Acrylic Trophy Design - Logo

Acrylic Trophy Design - Logo

Laser cut and engraved trophies or awards

Laser cutting with regards to trophies and awards is very popular these days. The intricate details achievable means fine text and engraved logos are not as difficult as they once were and saving time means saving money when it comes to manufacture and construction. There are many different plastics available, each with their own characteristics, some better for engraving than others and some have a better finished edge when cut. This is taken in to account during the design process and effects the way in which each award is constructed. Acrylic sheet is particularly popular in the laser cutting industry as it machines cleanly, easily and is available in every colour imaginable and can be obtained in thicknesses from 1mm to 100mm or more.

Quite often the clients do not have a fixed idea of what it is they would like so a consultation period and design ideas sketched before any ideas are tested or manufacture is commenced. In the past we have designed and manufactured awards which have elements such as lights, made from mirror material and even acrylic which changes colour depending on the angle you view it. We also manufacture awards from what you would consider more traditional materials such as wood and metal and some example can be seen below.

Each individual trophy can be personalised in a different way to suit the category for which it is going to be awarded. This can be achieved through bespoke engraving for each, changing the colour of some of the parts or maybe changing the shape. Often trophies are ordered as a batch for an event so they are all very similar but sometimes it is requested that we produce a striking design which can be the centre piece at the award ceremony and awarded as a top prize.


21 November 2016